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TuuliWatti constructs a giant battery to Viinamäki wind farm

TuuliWatti Oy constructs the largest electricity storage in the Nordic countries in connection with the wind farm in Ii Viinamäki. The 6 MW giant battery will be located in the neighboring municipality Simo and has three times the size and power output compared to previous similar electrical storages. The value of battery investment is EUR 3.5 million. The construction of market-based Viinamäki wind farm and the electricity storage will be finished in the autumn 2019.  

The project is one of the first in its size class, combining the very fast adjustment features of wind turbines and battery to support power grid management. Electric power can be adjusted in an instant. Traditional power plants do not reach a reaction speed like this.

- Megawatt class batteries are a welcome addition to the Finnish power system. They offer more opportunities to balance electricity production and consumption in the increasingly real-time electricity market, says Jussi Jyrinsalo, Director of Fingrid.

Wind power already produces one tenth of Finland's electricity consumption. As the production of renewable energy, which is more sensitive to changes in weather conditions, increases, the need to adjust the amount of electricity is also emphasized.

- Thanks to strong technological development, wind power has become one the most competitive ways to produce renewable electricity. Battery investments will further improve the competitiveness of wind power, says TuuliWatti's CEO Henrikki Talvitie.

The battery is supplied by the French company SAFT. The Finnish Merus Power, in turn, delivers network converters, switchgear and transformers so that the battery can be used as much as possible with wind power to meet the needs of the power grid. The current battery investment will also benefit all electricity users as it reduces the cost of maintaining the electricity grid.

- TuuliWatti's project shows that Finnish renewable energy technology expertise is trusted. At the same time, it will make our company a leading supplier of electric storage in Finland. TuuliWatti's progressive way of combining wind power and electricity storage will enable more renewable energy to be supplied to the power grid without disturbance, says Kari Tuomala, CEO of Merus Power.

TuuliWatti Oy is an associated company of industrial wind power owned by the energy company St1 and S Group’s S-Voima. S-Voima is owned by SOK and regional cooperative companies. Established in 2009, TuuliWatti is Finland's leading actor in the industry, which in 2018 produced 21% of our Finland's total wind power production. TuuliWatti is investing in strong expertise and the latest wind power technology to achieve the most cost-effective wind power.

TuuliWatti will start implementing its new strategy by building market-based wind farm at Ii Viinamäki


TuuliWatti constructed a market-based wind farm at Ii Viinamäki



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